Zero Waste Beauty      Australia

What is a 'zero waste' product?

Throughout this website, we often refer to 'zero waste' products. This refers to a product that does not produce waste after it is purchased and used. All Zero Waste Beauty Australia products are zero waste:

  • All our products are packaged in glass jars which can be re-purposed in your own home or, if you live near a ZWBA stockist, returned to us through the ZWBA Recycling Program.

  • All the labelling used on our products is biodegradable. This includes the double-sided tape which is 100% biodegradable.

Although we are providing you with a 'zero waste' product; we cannot ensure that you will compost our labels or re-purpose/recycle our jars. This is, after all, in your hands and we trust that when your ZWBA product come to the end of its life, you will re-purpose/dispose of it responsibly. 

How do you work towards zero waste as a business?

At Zero Waste Beauty Australia, we design, create, distribute and advertise our products and unfortunately, there are some times where 100% zero waste is impossible. We do everything in our power and more, to create the least amount of trash possible. We do not yet live in a circular economy* and sadly, not every business is committed to this cause, but we work towards an entirely zero waste business on a daily basic. Here are some of the many ways in which we work towards Refusing, Reducing, Reusing, Recycling and Rotting:

  • Every ingredient used in ZWBA products is ordered in bulk quantities. These ingredients come in buckets, durable aluminium bottles (essential oils) and sometimes (unfortunately) large plastic bottles. Where possible, these are sent back to the manufacturer, re-purposed in our production facility or recycled. In instances where trash is still being created, we are working with manufacturers and distributors towards more sustainable packaging options.

  • Our production methods and tools do not create any waste. Our utensils are all either made of stainless steel or glass and we ensure that no disposable plastics make their way into our production space. Zero waste and hygiene are mutually inclusive and have utmost importance at Zero Waste Beauty Australia.

  • Nothing is wasted during production. We value all our ingredients and the resources that got these products from the earth to our hands.

  • Marketing shouldn't mean creating unnecessary waste and we take this responsibility into our own hands when working on advertisement and promotion.

Are all Zero Waste Beauty Australia products hand made?

Yes! All our products are hand made in Australia with love and care. Each batch is carefully checked before being sent away.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! The cost of shipping will be calculated at the time of your checkout. 

How do you ensure that shipping remains zero waste?

We receive boxes on a regular basis which are all reused to send out ZWBA products to customers. We do not use plastic in the shipping process: everything is wrapped in newspaper, re-purposed cardboard and other materials that have been sent to us. We encourage you to reuse these materials, such as in the next package that you may have to send, or in other ways around your home. Our products are sent to you as they appear on the website: a jar and a biodegradable label, no other unnecessary packaging. We also use fully biodegradable paper tape where needed.

What is the ZWBA Recycling Program?

At Zero Waste Beauty Australia, we are inspired by the concept of a circular economy: As more and more retailers join the movement, you will have the possibility of returning your finished product's jar for a discount on your next purchase! If you would like to return your jar so that it can be reused in the production chain, follow these easy steps:

1. Clean your jar and make sure to keep the lid and label on your jar. 

2. Visit any retail shop near you which stocks Zero Waste Beauty Australia products and participates in the ZWBA recycling program, and return your jar to them.

3. Choose your next product. This can be any ZWBA product.

4. Receive $1.50 off your new product. This is a flat rate but make sure to keep your eyes open for exciting offers and discounts!

The jar will find its way back to Zero Waste Beauty Australia within the week, then naturally sterilised and reused in the production chain. 

Bringing back your used jar in exchange for a discount is a great option if, for example, a Zero Waste Beauty Australia product becomes one of your regular favourites. This way you are regularly saving money, and ensuring that no resource gets wasted. Most importantly, you are encouraging a mindful, new way of thinking about the items you use in your daily life.


I would like to stock Zero Waste Beauty Australia products in my store: where do I start?

Zero Waste Beauty Australia is creating a revolution which your clients will love to be a part of! We offer competitive wholesale prices for various types of commerce, as well as a free information session for your staff upon becoming a ZWBA Stockist. If you would like to become a supplier of Zero Waste Beauty Australia products, please email

Why has my product hardened/softened since I purchased it?

At Zero Waste Beauty Australia, we use unrefined, raw ingredients. Ingredients such as coconut oil and Shea butter react to the temperature at which they are stored: when it is hot they tend to melt a little and when it is cold, they tend to harden a little. This the beauty of working with such pure ingredients: it is normal. This will mainly happen with the Deodorant Creams and the Toothpaste Jars. Both these products can be applied no matter their consistency. If you find that your product has become a little grainy, this is due to the changes in temperature that the shea butter has endured over time. 

What is the best way to ensure maximum shelf life for my ZWBA Product?

We do not use preservatives or harmful chemicals in our products. ZWBA products are best stored in a cool, dark place. 

  • When possible, dip a wooden spoon into the product (rather than your hands) so that the microbes on your hands do not end up in the jar.

  • It is recommended that you use a spoon with toothpaste jars, especially if you re sharing. If your family is numerous and includes children, having individual jars tends to be more hygienic.

  • If you are concerned about the product and think that it may have expired, cease using it, even if this is before its due-by date. If you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

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